Force7 Paros Windsurfing Center on Golden beach

Looking for windsurfing on Paros? Look no further. Force7 Paros windsurfing center is the No1 choice on the best beach of Paros for windsurfing. We differentiate ourselves because we offer quality and safe. Windsurfing teaching programs are designed for beginners to advanced windsurfers. Our experienced and qualified instructors can take you from your first ride to advanced jumps and tricks. We can help you choose the best windsurfing program that suits your goals and level. Those who want to progress even faster, have the ability to do lessons with the continuous supervision of the instructor. The wind conditions are perfect for advance or beginner windsurfers.

1. Learn to Windsurf (Dry land simulation, On the water instruction!)
It is the only windsurfing lesson offered with full dry-land simulation before you get on the water. Our relaxed setting with the simulator includes a complete lesson on wind theory. A complete introduction to windsurfing that gets you sailing! You'll learn wind and sailing directions, basic board and sail handling skills, stance, steering and all the fundamentals for windsurfing!

2. Learn to Windsurf (Power step-jibe, Fast tack, Beach Start)
After completing Level 1, you are now ready to have some fun with Level 2 techniques! During this course, you will learn to sail power step-jibe, fast tack, beach-start, and maybe even a little freestyle! This windsurfing lesson prepares you for your Level 3 Waterstart lesson. Level 2 also includes land simulation before instruction on the water.

3. Waterstart (Body drag, Wind window, Rig recovery)
The waterstart lesson is your first short-board experience. You will learn and understand how to maneuver your gear to find the 'sweet spot' to get you out of the water and onto your board. The dry land simulator is very important in this lesson. During the rigorous practice on-land, you learn how to conserve energy while positioning yourself to mount the board, recover your rig, timing the wind and proper execution.

4. Straps and Harness (Body position, Harness line setting, Sailing in the footstraps)
In this lesson you will learn proper sailing stance, rig angle, harness
line setting, and how to plane and sail with control while in the footstraps. We teach you all you need to know to get dialed and stay dialed. Our course includes land simulation and instruction on the water.

5. Carving Jibes (For the sailor who mastered Levels 1-4)
This class is designed for the windsurfer who has mastered all the techniques taught in level 1-4 and is comfortable sailing hooked in and in both straps in winds from 15-30 mph. We break jibing down to its basic steps with emphasis on helping the student make fluid jibes in both directions. Includes land simulation and instruction on the water.

Windsurfing Lessons For Beginners

low season MAY- JUNE - SEPT
PRICE (euro)
high season JULY - AUGUST
1 hour (private) 25 30
1 hour (2+ persons) 20 25
6 hours course
(theory + practice)
120 130

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Windsurfing Lessons For Advanced 
Water start, power jibe , foot straps etc.

1 hour (private) 40
6 hours course 180

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