How To Get Here

Arriving Athens
If you are coming from abroad then it is most likely that you are going to land at Eleutherios Venizelos (link me to EV) international airport. From there you have two options.

From Athens to Paros Island

The best one is to book in advance a domestic flight from Eleutherios Venizelos to Paros airport*. If on the other hand you wish to spend some time in Athens for sightseeing, you can come to Paros by boat. Many different types of boats come to Paros, from different parts of Greece. From Pireaus (the closest port to Athens) you can choose from high speed ferries that are more expensive (around 45euros for an adult)(link me nautilikakes) that take up to 3 hours, to simple ferries (around 22euros for an adult) that take from 4 hours to ever! Another option would be the ports of Rafina and Lavrio, from where various boats go to Paros as well (link me ta limania).

*(We have to point out that the domestic flight takes around 40 minutes, costs around 55euros, but you have to book at least one month and a half in advance. It’s the best way to come to Paros but because the planes are small and there are only two flights per day, it’s difficult to find a ticket. (So book well in advance!)

It can be reached by ferry, high speed boat from Athens (Pireus or Rafina) or by air from the new Athens International Airport 

Journey times:
Ferry Boat: 4,15 Hours 
High speed Boat: 2.5 Hours 
Flight Duration: 30 min

From Paros Island Port to Golden Beach

This beach is reachable from the asphalted road by local buses or private way of transportation. Bus stop here and there is plenty of parking for cars and scooters.